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The Folkeskole

Learn about the aims, curriculum, examination and evaluation of the Danish municipial primary and lower secondary school.

About the Folkeskole

The "Folkeskole" is the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school.

The Aims of the "Folkeskole"

Two aims focusing on development, preparation and quality in education.

Subjects & Curriculum

The subjects and curriculum cover humanities, science, practical/creative subjects and compulsory subjects.

Classes & Class Teacher

Learn more about how the formation of classes takes its point of departure in the age of the student.

Evaluation, Tests & Student Plans

As a part of the education process, regular evaluations of the students’ learning outcomes are to be carried out.

Examinations and Other Forms of Assessment

Read about examination and assessment when leaving The Folkeskole.

7-point grading scale

The scale increases the compatibility between Danish and foreign grading scales.

Additional Information

Read more about cooperation between school and home, pre-school classes and other topics.