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Upper Secondary Education

The upper secondary level of education typically begins at the end of full-time compulsory education.

About Upper Secondary Education

The upper secondary education normally caters for the 16-19-year-olds and comprises four different examinations.

Four Upper Secondary Education Programmes

Lærer ved tavle

There are four different upper secondary education programmes in Denmark: STX, HHX, HTX and HF.

Information and Communiation Technologies (ICT)

Here are some facts and figures concerning the use of ICT in upper secondary education programmes.

International upper secondary schools

Ung lærer i klasseværelse

In Denmark, there are 15 international upper secondary schools, which primarily offer the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Vocational Education and Training (vet)


The Danish vocational education and training programmes (I-VET) are alternating or sandwich-type programmes.

Basic Vocational Education and Training

drenge taler sammen

EGU is an individualised basic vocational education and training programme that is geared towards both employment and continued education.

Production Schools

Ung fyr smiler

Production schools are independent institutions with statutes approved by the local authority that provides the school’s basic grant.