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Five Danes finish in the top ten at World Skills


Five out of fifteen Danish contestants managed to finish among the ten finest craftsmen in their specific trade. In total, six Danes received the prestigious “medallion of excellence” for their fine efforts.

Six out of fifteen Danish contestants set foot on Danish soil carrying a “medallion of excellence”, which they won at the recent World Skills contest in Calgary, Canada. It proves they are part of the World’s elite craftsmen.

“It is a very good result indeed and I am very proud of our contestants. They have given their all during the competition,” says Jesper Juhl Sørensen, chair of SkillsDenmark. He adds: “Of course we would have loved a gold medal but the level has been really high this year so I think we can be very satisfied.”

Not the world heavyweight championships but close: The award ceremony at World Skills proved to be a spectacle.

One of the Danish contestants, twenty-year-old Kenneth Meldgaard, who competed in the carpenters’ category, even received the special “Best of Nation” medal.

“Of course I am very proud to have received this medal. It was fantastic to stand on the podium looking at all the happy Danish fans. And I am actually really pleased on the behalf of the entire carpenter trade. This sends a good signal to future participants, says Kenneth Meldgaard.