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Use of internet in exams is a success


Danish students were among the first ever to sit their exams with the aid of internet access. Now auditors call the experiment a success and the Minister for Education wants to extend it.

Back in May 2010, 14 Danish upper secondary schools made history. They became the first in the world to use the internet during written exams. A follow-up report  by a group of auditors now concludes that the experiment is a success.

Minister for Education, Tina Nedergaard, welcomes the report’s conclusions.

"I am happy that we as the first country in the world had the vision to let students use the internet during their exams. The internet is an integrated part of students’ everyday lives and education so this development is natural. The experiment shows there is a range of positive effects. Therefore, we have so far decided to extend the experiment to include summer exams in 2011 as well," says the minister.

International attention

The experiment has attracted a great deal of attention from the international press and, among other things, entails that students can be tested on central it competences like motion pictures and audio effects.

The auditors have been monitoring the experiment since January 2008 and label it a "catalyst" for the development of school subjects.