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Skolegård med bænke og elever

Fact sheets with information of a general nature, including lifelong learning, self governance and the taximeter system.


Unge med computer

Find out about educational and vocational guidance, which is a high priority area in Denmark.

Introduction to primary education

In Denmark the first year of compulsory school is kindergarten class where children are introduced to the school environment and primary education.

Primary and lower secondary education

Undervisning med fingre i vejret

Facts about the primary and lower secondary levels of education cover the public school system (the Folkeskole) and private schools.

Upper secondary education

Dreng med hånden oppe

The upper secondary level of education features a variety of educational paths. Read all about them in our collection of fact sheets.

Adult education and continuing training


Get information available about the opportunities  to adults wishing to update their competences.

Danish Language Courses

Vejledning via nettet

Find facts about Danish language courses offered at language centers nationwide.


Read about selected topics essential to the Danish education system.


Five demonstrations school projects have created new knowledge about how IT can support student learning.