What is an international school?

International basic schools are private elementary schools approved by the Ministry of Education for education in other languages than Danish – either for the whole school or for divisions within it.

Schools must apply to become recognized international schools. Approval is usually granted if the school or one of its divisions primarily cater for children with foreign parents, who live in Denmark and remain in Denmark for a shorter space of time.

Overview of international basic schools in Denmark:

School and place


Aarhus Academy for Global Education, Højbjerg English, entire school

Copenhagen International School, Hellerup

English, entire school

Ikast-Brande Internationale skole, Ikast

English, entire school

Prins Henriks skole, Frederiksberg

French, entire school

Sankt Petri Skole, København

German, entire school

Østerbro International School, København

English, entire school

Stenhus Kostskole, Holbæk English, division of school

Bernadotteskolen, Hellerup

English, division of school

Bjørns Internationale Skole, København

English, division of school

Esbjerg International School, Esbjerg English, entire school

Esbjerg Realskole, Esbjerg

English, division of school

Henriette Hørlücks Skole, Odense English, division of school

Herlufsholm Kostskole, Næstved

English in a single course for the 8th and 9th form

Interskolen, Viby J

English, division of school

Kolding Realskole, Kolding

English, division of school

Nordsjællands Grundskole og Gymnasium samt HF, Hørsholm

English, division of school

Privatskolen Als, Sønderborg

English, division of school

Rygaards Skole, Hellerup

English, division of school

Skipper Clement Skolen, Aalborg

English, division of school

Skt. Josefs Skole, Roskilde English, division of school
Institut, Sankt Joseph, København
English, division of school
Sønderborg International School, Sønderborg English, entire school

Viborg private Realskole, Viborg

English, division of school

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