The project aims at sharing, communicating and supporting the use of research-based knowledge on education amongst practitioners and researchers in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Lighthouse project is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and administrated by the Danish Ministry of Education.

What is the Nordic Lighthouse Project?


The Nordic Lighthouse Project aims to effectively increase the amount of relevant research available to educational practitioners such as teachers, school principals, students, researchers, municipalities and other Nordic stakeholders.

This is done by facilitating the distribution of existing educational research-based knowledge between Nordic countries.

By making research-based knowledge more accessible and practice-oriented, the projects aims at inspiring professionals in the field of education to find new, exciting research within their field and to develop their practice further.

In the menu to the left, you can read more on the key challenges addressed in the project, as well as meeting dates and the Nordic Forum where the first ideas kicked off the Nordic Lighthouse Project.

Last modified 12. oktober 2017