Following the practitioner workshop, representatives from a wide range parent-organizations, student organizations, teacher and pedagogue trade unions, school leaders, teacher-training schools, local school owners, national governments and researchers from across the Nordic countries were invited to participate in a ‘Nordic Forum’.

The Nordic Forum met on November 25th, 2015, where 55 members from all countries in the Nordic Region gathered in Copenhagen.

The aim of the day was to discuss and map out current challenges and strategies with regards to sharing educational research across the Nordic countries and to strengthening the use of research by ECC-staff and teaching professionals.

Building on the issues and problems highlighted in the practitioner workshop, members of the Nordic Forum discussed some of the key challenges regarding knowledge sharing and communication as well as the applicableness and relevance of educational research for educational practitioners.

Ideas and suggested solutions put forward on the 1st meeting of the Nordic Forum

The following list is based on ideas and suggestions for possible solutions that were mentioned at the 1st meeting of the Nordic Forum the 25th of November, 2016. On the next meeting in the Nordic Forum, members will be invited to elaborate on the suggestions as well as come up with new ideas.

  • Video as a media for research communication to practitioners. Videos like TED-talks with educational researchers
  • Focus on new social media solutions for research communication with practitioners
  • Sharing already existing Nordic public service TV and radio programs across the Nordic Countries
  • School-chat on Twitter – moderated discussions on pre-decided topics
  • No new portals (to be elaborated)
  • Arenas for communication between practitioners and researchers
  • A Nordic educational research database – maybe on Wiki
Last modified 6. marts 2017