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Pedagogical curriculum

All ECEC facilities have to prepare a written pedagogical curriculum for the children based on a pedagogical foundation and six curriculum themes.

The objective is for the pedagogical staff to provide the connection between the pedagogical environment and the children’s learning.

The pedagogical curriculum must describe how the pedagogical environment supports children’s broader learning, including their curiosity, drive, self-esteem and movement both within and across the six curriculum themes:

  • Versatile personal development
  • Social development
  • Communication and language
  • Body, senses and movement
  • Nature, outdoor life and science
  • Culture, aesthetics and community

The pedagogical curriculum is supported by a lift in competencies of the pedagogical staff, as well as a range of materials and campaigns, to ensure that all ECEC facilities can easily incorporate the pedagogical curriculum.

Read the strengthened pedagogical curriculum here (emu.dk) (pdf).

Language stimulation

In 2010, Denmark introduced a mandatory assessment of language development.

All three-year-old children that do not attend a day-care facility must go through this assessment in order to identify any potential language difficulties before the child starts school.

All three-year-old children that attend a day-care facility will only go through the assessment if there is a reasoned presumption that the child has language difficulties and will need language stimulation.

In order to strengthen early measures, the local council has the opportunity to perform the language assessments already when children are two years old. If a child has language difficulties, the municipal council must provide the language stimulation.

Last modified 6. september 2022