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ECEC facilities can be set up in various ways as either local-authority childminding, local-authority day-care centres, independent private and out-sourced day-care centres, private childminding or an approved private day-care centre.

The various kinds of ECEC facilities give parents the opportunity to choose a facility that matches their wishes and needs the best.


Parents pay a maximum of 25% of the budgeted gross operating expenditure for ECEC services for children from the age of 26 weeks to six years.

Families receive a sibling discount. Additionally, the municipal council must grant financially aided place subsidies based on the parents’ financial situation.


To secure children’s well-being and development, it is important that they get the right nutrition and learn to eat healthy.

Therefore, all children must have a healthy lunch. The local council can decide whether to include the healthy lunch as part of the day-care facility service or charge payment separately.

Last modified 6. september 2022