Hop til indhold

The Ministry of Education funds and is responsible for a national guidance portal called the ”Education Guide”: www.uddannelsesguiden.dk. The portal has two main target groups:

  • Children, young people and adults looking for information about education, training and careers
  • Guidance practitioners, teachers, educational consultants and others dealing with guidance activities.

The portal provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on:

  • Youth education and training programmes
  • Higher education programmes
  • Occupations/professions
  • Labour market issues
  • Study programmes taught in English at Danish colleges and universities

Furthermore, the portal includes an e-mail based enquiry service, an electronic guidance tool facilitating the choice of education, occupation and careers, as well as links to youth guidance centres, regional guidance centres and educational institutions, and to the electronic admission systems (www.optagelse.dk).

Additional facilities include:

  • The possibility of personal log-on, which is available to all citizens
  • A virtual resource centre for guidance counsellors, which includes an electronic news service, a quarterly on-line journal, links to relevant legislation, and information about best practices, recent research activities, surveys and analyses within the field of guidance.
Last modified 7. september 2022