Hop til indhold

7 regional guidance centres are responsible for:

  • Guidance related to the transition from youth education programmes to higher education
  • Provision of quality information on all higher education programmes in Denmark
  • Provision of quality information on the possible occupations or professions that higher education programmes may lead to.

The regional guidance centres' main target groups are:

  • Pupils in youth education programmes
  • Young people and adults outside the education system wishing to enter a higher education programme.

Teachers at the youth education institutions, usually working part-time as guidance counsellors, continue to provide guidance to the pupils concerning the completion of the specific youth education programmes.

The regional guidance centres focus on the transition from youth education programmes to higher education. The regional centres organise a wide variety of careers education and careers guidance activities for pupils in upper secondary education – at the pupils' schools. This includes workshops, seminars, careers fairs, individual and group guidance sessions. Furthermore, clients from both of the abovementioned target groups are welcome to call, e-mail or visit the centres to get information or to make an appointment for a guidance session.

The 7 regional guidance centres have been selected after a call for tenders. Most of them are consortia of different educational institutions. Like the youth guidance centres, the regional guidance centres are obliged to cooperate with relevant partners in their region to ensure a coherent guidance system and a regular exchange of experiences, knowledge and best practice. Relevant partners include:

  • Youth education institutions
  • Higher education institutions
  • The social partners
  • The municipalities.
Last modified 7. september 2022