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Six university colleges across the country offer a diploma programme in educational and vocational guidance. It is a qualifying further training programme available to guidance practitioners from all sectors. It is equivalent to one year of full-time studies (60 ECTS points) but is usually taken as part-time studies over a couple of years.

The programme consists of:

Three obligatory modules (9 ECTS points each):

  • Careers guidance and the guidance practitioner (guidance theories and methodologies, ethics, ICT in guidance etc.)
  • Careers guidance and society (labour market conditions and policies, the education system and educational policies, development of society and business etc.)
  • Careers guidance and the individual (different target groups, human development, learning theories etc.)

Two other modules (9 ECTS points each) where students can choose among several topics, such as:

  • Career decision-making in theory and practice
  • Research and development, quality assurance and management in guidance
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Adult guidance
  • Guidance for young people with special needs.

The last element of the programme is the final project work that is concluded by a written report (15 ECTS points).

Entry requirements are, as a minimum, a completed short-cycle (2-year) higher education programme and 2 years of relevant working experience.

Last modified 7. september 2022