Hop til indhold

Both public and private investments in the development of new qualifications and competences are among the highest in Europe. A considerable proportion of overall learning and competence development takes place in connection with the job, and it has long been an established practice for provision to be made for the employees’ competence development and educational planning in the enterprises in the collective agreements between the social partners.

A highly qualified and well-educated workforce plays a decisive role in the global knowledge economy and is the key to Denmark’s development as a leading knowledge society.

In light of the challenges facing Denmark, the Government has launched extensive educational reforms that will contribute to securing continued growth and welfare in Denmark in the years to come. The reforms are to ensure higher quality and better coherence in educational efforts– from pre-school class to higher education and in adult education and continuing training.

In spring 2007 the Government drew up a report concerning Denmark’s strategy for lifelong learning as part of European cooperation on education. This constitutes the Government’s contribution to the realisation of the common goals in the Lisbon strategy.

Last modified 4. oktober 2022