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The strategy for lifelong learning includes the following objectives: 

  • A coherent education system from pre-school to higher education must provide the opportunity for everyone to acquire excellent basic skills, a qualifying education and a solid foundation for lifelong learning. There must be equal opportunities and room for all.
  • The education programmes must be world class. The education system is to foster talent and be more accommodating to weak learners. Quality is given pride of place, and education must match the needs of the labour market and the society.

There must be relevant, high quality adult education and continuing training for everyone in the labour market which matches the needs and puts particular emphasis on the need for lifelong skills upgrading for those with the lowest level of education. There is a shared responsibility to ensure that everyone in the labour market is engaged in lifelong learning.

  • Systematic competence development in the workplace should be strengthened in both public and private enterprises. Increased public and private investment in continuing training and competence development for employees is to contribute to improving the skills of individuals and strengthening the development of the enterprises.
  • Opportunities for guidance and counselling must be improved and help ensure the best possible conditions for pupils, students and adults to choose education programmes and to participate in lifelong learning.
  • All forms of education and learning should be based on and build on the knowledge, skills and competences of individuals. In adult education and continuing training new and improved opportunities are to be created promoting visibility and recognition of an individual's prior learning.
  • Coherent education paths and transparency in the education system are to contribute to targeted education and lifelong skills upgrading and facilitate the best possible use of public resources.
  • A global perspective must be included in all education programmes contributing to strengthening internationalisation and cooperation with the world around us.
  • Stronger higher education environments are to be created in order to contribute to higher quality in education and knowledge development, and a better framework and better conditions are to be developed for interaction between educational institutions and enterprises and other relevant players.

In order to fulfil the overall objectives of education and lifelong skills upgrading, the Government has prioritised a number of specific goals and initiatives within the overall education system and in the area of adult education and continuing training. Lifelong learning is also being supported and promoted through actions and initiatives in a large number of other areas, , for example employment and integration efforts, liberal adult education and in association and cultural activities.

Realisation of the extensive reforms is predicated on all relevant players accepting coresponsibility and making an active contribution. It is the aim of the Government to strengthen dialogue and partnerships between all players. This is decisive for realising Denmark’s strategy for education and lifelong skills upgrading.

Last modified 4. oktober 2022