Hop til indhold

The project aimed at sharing, communicating and supporting the use of research-based knowledge on education amongst practitioners and researchers in the Nordic countries. Over the course of the project, five meetings were held where appointed Nordic Forum members met to find ways of increasing the use of Nordic research on education practices in educational settings throughout the Nordic countries. The appointed members represented ministries, national agencies on education, teacher unions, universities, student groups and other agencies and groups within the Nordic education sector.

In addition to the Nordic Forum meetings, an initial Practitioner Workshop was arranged for 49 teachers from the Nordic countries, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands. This group gathered in Copenhagen to discuss the barriers and potentials in applying research-based knowledge on education. Their views created a foundation for the project.

The Nordic Lighthouse project concluded that there is a growing interest in exploring ways of strengthening Nordic cooperation within the education sector. The project looked into a few concrete options, for example, using video to disseminate research; creating a communal research database; and further co-operation on systematic reviews on education.


Last modified 6. september 2022