Hop til indhold

All that is demanded of private education is that it measures up to that of the municipal schools. The small independent schools with a 9th class hold the Leaving Examination of the Primary and Lower Secondary School, unless they have informed the Ministry of Children and Education that they will not hold the examination. However, in principle it is not up to any government authority but to the parents of each private school to check that its performance measures up to the demands of the municipal schools.

It is the parents themselves who must choose supervisors to check the pupil’s level of achievement in Danish, arithmetic, mathematics and English and whether in general the overall teaching of the school measures up to what is normally demanded in the municipal school. If the pupil's knowledge is found inadequate, the supervisor must report it to the Ministry of Children and Education. Individual parents who are dissatisfied with a private school may move their child to another private school or to a municipal school, or teach the child in the home. The local municipal school must always admit the child.

In extraordinary circumstances, the Ministry of Children and Education may establish special supervision, for example if there is reason to believe that the school teaches Danish so poorly that the children's ability to cope with life in Denmark may be impaired.

Last modified 6. september 2022