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The 7-point grading scale consists of five marks designating a passing level (12, 10, 7, 4 and 02) as well as two marks designating a non-passing level (00 and -3).

The scale has been developed in part from a desire to simplify the compatibility between Danish and foreign grading scales, and, pivotally, to provide a clear correlation between the descriptions for the individual marks and the academic objectives.

In tests and examinations that according to the rules on the individual study programmes etc. require documentation in the form of tests, examinations or leaving certificates, students are to be given an assessment according to the following grading scale (7-point grading scale):

Explanation of the mark Equivalent
ECTS mark
12 For an excellent performance A
10 For a very good performance B
7 For a good performance C
4 For a fair performance D
02 For an adequate performance E
00 For an inadequate performance Fx
-3 For an unacceptable performance F
Last modified 7. september 2022