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School-Leaving Examinations

At the conclusion of form levels 9 and 10, Folkeskole students sit for school-leaving examinations. This is compulsory after form level 9 but voluntary after the 10th. The examinations after the 10th form level place higher academic demands on the students than the examinations after form level 9.

Standard rules for all examinations ensure uniformity throughout the country. For the same reason, the papers for the written examinations are set and marked centrally. Each examination subject is assessed on its own merit; results cannot be summed up to give an average mark, in the same way, there are no pass or fail criteria.

At the conclusion of the 9th form level, students sit for the Folkeskole’s final examinations, which can be taken in the following subjects: Danish, English, Christian studies, history, social studies, mathematics, geography, biology, physics/chemistry and German and French as electives.

Students must sit for examinations in a total of seven subjects. Five of the subjects are compulsory for all students: written and oral examinations in Danish, a written examination in mathematics and oral examinations in English and physics/chemistry. Moreover, each student must additionally sit for two examinations that are drawn at random, one from the humanities group, which includes written English as well as French or German, history, social studies and Christian studies, and one from the science group, which consists of geography or biology.

The examinations at the conclusion of the 9th form level are compulsory in order to ensure that all young people have a solid academic ballast when they leave the Folkeskole and thereby a better foundation for completing a post-compulsory education.

At the completion of education in the 10th form level, students have the opportunity to sit for examinations in one or more of the following subjects: Danish, mathematics, English, German/French and physics/chemistry. Additionally, students can elect to sit for one or more of the 9th form level examinations in Danish, mathematics, English or physics/chemistry, or choose a combination of 9th and 10th form level examinations.

Other Forms of Assessment

At the 9th and 10th form levels, a mandatory project assignment gives students the opportunity to complete and present an interdisciplinary project. The project assignment is assessed in a written statement on the content, working process and presentation of the final result. The written statement affords a broader and more detailed assessment of the student’s ability. At the student’s request, a mark can also be given. The assessment of the project assignment can be indicated in the leaving certificate.

Last modified 7. september 2022