Hop til indhold


  1. The Folkeskole is, in cooperation with the parents, to provide pupils with the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for further education and training and instil in them the desire to learn more; familiarise them with Danish culture and history; give them an understanding of other countries and cultures; contribute to their understanding of the interrelationship between human beings and the environment; and promote a well-rounded development of the individual pupil.
  2. The Folkeskole is to endeavour to develop the working methods and create a framework that provides opportunities for experience, in-depth study and allows for initiative so that students develop awareness and imagination and a confidence in their own possibilities and backgrounds such that they are able to commit themselves and are willing to take action. 
  3. The Folkeskole is to prepare the pupils to be able to participate, demonstrate mutual responsibility and understand their rights and duties in a free and democratic society. The daily activities of the school must, therefore, be conducted in a spirit of intellectual freedom, equality and democracy.


  1. The Folkeskole is the responsibility of the municipalities, however, cf. §20, paragraph 3. The municipal board is responsible for ensuring every child in the municipality a free education in the Folkeskole. The municipal board is responsible for setting the targets and framework for the activities of the school within the provisions of this Act, cf. §40 and §40a.
  2. Each school is responsible for ensuring the quality of the education in accordance with the aims of the Folkeskole, within the framework of the Act, cf. §1, and also bears the responsibility for determining the planning and organisation of the programme of education.
  3. Pupils and parents are to work together with the school in order to live up to the aims of the Folkeskole.
Last modified 19. april 2023