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The tasks of the National Agency for IT and Learning follow the general objectives and policies of the Ministry of Education.

Mission and vision

Mission: Through the use of IT in learning we create professional education for all.

Vision: We are the best in the public sector at creating value through IT, digitalization and data.

National Agency for IT and Learning has four main tasks:

  1. Set direction for digital learning in order to make every student as proficient as possible.
  2. Professional project management that delivers within time and budget.
  3. Provide functioning IT-solutions that satisfy the users and make them feel safe.
  4. Bring data and analysis in play to strengthen learning and improve both local and central decision making.

The structure of the agency

National Agency for It and Learning organisation

The structure of the National Agency of It and Learning

Director General

Thomas Fredenslund

Division of Economic and Administrative Affairs

Head of Division: Jesper Nielsen

Service units

Service Manager: Ida Jørgensen

Data and Digitalization

Deputy Director: Kristian Ørnsholt

Division for Digitalization

  • Head of Division: Josina Moltesen

Kontor for It-sikkerhed og Databeskyttelse

  • Head of Division: Anders Rokkjær

Division for Data Development

  • Head of Division: Jesper Lund

Division for Data on Daycare and Primary School

  • Head of Division: Jakob Hartmann Sørensen

Division for Data on Youth and Adult Education

  • Head of Division: Mia Aistrup

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Products and Projects

Deputy Director: Aino Olsen

Division for E-guidance and Support

  • Head of Division: Michael Viskum

Division for It-operations

  • Head of Division: Sine Søgaard Jeppesen

Division for Administration of Portfolios, Education and Users

  • Head of Division: Klaus Østergård Jensen

Division for Infrastructure and Vocational training

  • Head of Division: Signe Rønn Sørensen

Division for Basic data and Admission

  • Head of Division: Anne-Marie Pedersen

Division of Educational Portals

  • Head of Division: Mette Holm Simonsen

Division for Educational Tests and Digital Workplace

  • Head of Division: Søren Nielsen
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