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The structure of the National Agency of It and Learning

Acting Director General

Nanna Skriver Dall

Division for Economy and Management Service 

  • Head of Division: Agnes Egsgaard

Deputy Director: Thomas Gross Havsager

Division for Data on Daycare and Primary School

  • Head of Division: Jacob Hartmann Sørensen

Division for Data on Youth and Adult Education

  • Head of Division: Mia Aistrup 

Division for Data Development 

  • Head of Division: Jesper Lund

Division for Cybersecurity and Digitalization

  • Head of Division: Anders Rokkjær

Data Protection Officer (DPO) 

Deputy Director: Klaus Østergård Jensen

Division for Digital Guidance & Workplace Support

  • Head of Division: Stine Sønberg Madsen

Division for Central Education Registers

  • Head of Division: Michael Viskum

Division for Student Support & Unilogin

  • Head of Division: Sanne Maaløe-Andersen 

Division for Admission and Vocational Apprenticeship

  • Head of Division: Anne-Marie Pedersen
  • Head of Division: Charlotte Linderoth

Deputy Director: Nanna Skriver Dall

Division for Infrastructure and Procurement

  • Head of Division: Signe Rosenkilde Immersen

Division for Operations

  • Head of Division: Kenneth Rasmussen

Division for Administration of Subsidy, Youth Initiatives & Adult Education and Continuing Training

  • Head of Division: Mette Holm Simonsen

Last modified 15. maj 2024