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Structure of the Department


Mattias Tesfaye

Ministerial department

Permanent Secretary

Jakob Jensen

Department for Analysis, Legal Affairs and Communication

Head of Department

Søren Hasselpflug

Center for Analysis

Head of Division

Jannie Kristoffersen

Head of Division

Lars Eriksen Videbæk

Division for Legal Affairs

Head of Division

Ole Hvilsom Larsen

Centre for Communication and Media

Head of Division Press

Morten Mærsk

Acting Head of Division Communication

Frederik Klavsen

Department for Day Care and Primary and Lower Secondary Education

Head of Department

Trine Elmelund Christensen 

Division of Day Care

Head of Division

Mette Arnsfelt McPhail

Centre for Primary and Lower Secondary Education

Head of Division

Christian Korsbæk

Head of Division

Christine Lindrum Iversen

Head of Division

Anna Sofie Weigaard Jørgensen

The Secretariat for Independent Schools

Department for Vocational and Adult Education

Head of Department

Marie Juel Bech Nielsen

Centre for Upper Secondary Education

Head of Division

Birte Iversen

Head of Division

Katrine Tarp

Head of Division

Karina Beg Poulsen

Department of Finances and Group Management

Head of Division

Kasper Warrer

Centre of Budget, Internal Management and Monitoring

Head of Division

Toke Von Kappelgaard

Head of Division

Merete Krogager Eeg

Division for Human Resources and Organisation

Head of Division

Eline Ribergaard Blak

Centre for Economic Policy and Management

Head of Division

Louise Stibolt Westh

Acting Head of Division

Cecilie Kynemund

Secretariat for International Affairs

Head of Secretariat

Morten Holm-Hemmingsen

Last modified 3. august 2023